torstai 13. lokakuuta 2011



arvioikaamme runoja runoilijoiden vaatimusten hengessä, tekijän intentioissa, pyrkimyksissä ja tarkoituksissa pysyen.

Tässä ensimmäinen (olkoonkin vain käännös):

Our Führer

    There are so many people who bless you,
    Even if their blessing is a silent one —
    There are so many who have never met you,
    And yet you are their Savior
    When you speak to your German people,
    The words go across the land
    And sink into countless hearts,
    Hearts in which your image long has stood.

    Sometimes the vision of you brings life
    To those in the midst of hard labor and heavy obligation ...
    So many are devoted to you
    And seek in your spirit a clear light.'

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